Thanks to James Romero of WSI.  I have put up 3 clips from our interview on November 1, 2021 and will put the entire 1hr & 45 minutes  in April.  (Go to Radio Interview Section)


July 6, 2021 Tuesday eve I was the guest on Dan & Benny In The Ring Show as we talked about pro wrestling.  Check out past shows, they are also on facebook.   Can be heard in replay on the same site.

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Hulksters and Hereos

Howard Eskin was the man that all Philadelphia teams went to first for a breaking story. Howard and his producer came to me about doing this story of a new wrestler trying to make it in the big time. I told him that I already had been in wrestling 5 years and made the big time by the start of my 2nd year, he said let's do the story anyway. It will be good exposure, and i also thought this would be good publicity for the gym since they let me workout for years. At the end of the story on live tv he commented that Ron would most likely be the loser all the time and 2 weeks later was the big upset match against Sammartino in Philadelphia. Which he later recanted. I was glad I did this story and received great feedback. Thank You to the owners of CFI's Pat, Bob and Vinnie

My Wrestling School mid 90's

This was the opening of a 2 hour video by a friend of mine who owned a chain of video stores. who wanted to show some of my wrestling matches throughout my career. Thanks Carl

From 96 Norristown PA

In this match I am wrestling an up and coming wrestler to the independent circle The Sandman