Nov. 22, 2021

Thanks to James Romero of WSI. I have put up 3 clips from our interview on November 1, 2021 and will put the entire 1hr & 45 minutes in April. (Go to Radio Interview Section)

Jun. 10, 2021

July 6, 2021 Tuesday eve I was the guest on Dan & Benny In The Ring Show as we talked about pro wrestling. Check out past shows, they are also on facebook. Can be heard in replay on the same site.

Tribute to Bruno Sammartino and John Valiant

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The Greatest World Champion that will ever be, I had the pleasure one day of picking up Bruno at Philadelphia International as we were heading to Wildwood New Jersey for a show, he was wrestling Dick the Bulldog Brower that night, it was the greatest 2 hour ride with plenty of stories and encouragement that he shared with me. I never wrestled Bruno, but he interviewed me on TV in the IWA and to this day I am still trying to obtain that and many more videos from 1982 from the IWA

This is the only time that Bruno and myself were ever in the ring together, it would have been the highlight of my career if I actually wrestled him

 October 1, 2017---Rescheduling date for the Pro Wrestling Weekly show with your host Fearon Derry will take place Saturday October 28th @ 12 noon on WBCB1490am and streams live on as we will be doing the show live.

My Trainer Walter Killer Kowalski

This hard fought match between two legends, and listen to the crowd as they cheer on Bruno who sold out the Garden everytime he appeared there,  and Kowalski  besides being a great wrestler, he was always a great interview, when he talked people listened.   What people don't know about Walter he was a vegetarian and a reglious man, who was a kind man outside the ring.   This match is dedicated to my friend and mentor R.I.P.


This interview with Walter Kowalski was from the International Wrestling TV taping in Allentown PA which was a spin off from the Bedlam from Boston TV taping that I was apart of after leaving the WWF. Walter and I were a tag team several times on television.

Tribute to Johnny Valiant

The Wrestling World will surely miss the great talent of Luscious Johnny Valiant