Email Website Nov. 6, 2022

"The Real Deal" Joel Davis


What a pleasure to get to know you in person!

You are a class act from the word go!

So well deserved and proud that l was in attendance for your induction into the " 2022 IWF Hall of Fame"

" The Real Deal" Joel Davis

Email Oct. 19, 2022

Jerry D

Hello from your old roommate at Killer Kowalski

Institute of Professional Wrestling Salem Mass

We used to eat some BIG breakfasts,!!!!

Email Website Oct. 16, 2022

John P

Hey Ron! Would love to interview you for my show. Please get in touch with the email provided and I've included my website link as well.

Email Apr. 8, 2022


Love this site. Keep up the good work.

Email Website Feb. 9, 2022

Michael Monte

Mr. Shaw trying to reach you. If you could can you email me at the attached

Email Nov. 23, 2021

Frank Quadrino

Hi Ron, One day while driving to Ag Hall, we stopped by an establishement in Cherry Hill, NJ. My niece at that time was around 8 or 9 & like her Aunt & Uncle she was a huge wrestling fan. When we exited our vehicle she saw you & she exclaimed "Ooh look
its Ron Shaw"!!! to which you walked by & asked her "did you see him too" & the ensuing autograph you gave her made her day UNTIL that night at the TV tapings, we were sitting in our normal seating area & when you came out from the curtain, you noticed us
sitting there & There was no railing at that time was only a rope with flags & you reached over & gave her a high five, although you were a heel on the way to the ring & thumbus up on your way back & that is something she/we never forgot.... Thank You

Email Nov. 19, 2021


Besides your upsets, I've always enjoyed your match with SD Jones on the big stage in MSG 12/85

Email Nov. 18, 2021

Victor Sologaistoa

Hi Ron,

I am also a Kowalski alumni and every year on Massachusetts we have an IWF Reunion and Hall of Fame ceremony. We would love for you to join us next year...please contact me as soon as you can. Thank you

Email Website Oct. 12, 2021

James Romero

Hi Ron! My name's James and I'm the owner and operator of the WSI YouTube channel, which is one of YouTube's most subscribed (120,000 subs) and most viewed (500,000+ views per month) - I am doing a special episode on WWF enhancement talent of the 80s and
90s and was wondering if you would be interested in being a part of it in the form of a pre-recorded interview? If you have half an hour or so to spare and would like to be a part of it, please get in touch with the email provided and I've included my website
link as well.

Many thanks!

Email Jun. 21, 2021

adam handelman

hey ron would love to chat with you.I live in new jersey.Email me regarding an interview

Email Feb. 3, 2021

Dan K

Hey Ron

Wow it’s been probably 50 years since you were body slamming me and a bunch of other kids from Barry Road on your old makeshift rink....!!!

Great memories from back in the day in Torresdale!

Anyway congrats on a great career!

Take care !

Email Dec. 11, 2020

Michael Edwards

Hi Ron.I’m fan of wwe

Email Nov. 1, 2020


Hi Ron! Great site...great videos...great memories! I introduced my kids to you via "The Phantom Submission" match...which I vividly remember seeing at 8 years old. I cheered so damn loud when your hand was raised in victory...and my dad saying something
along the lines of "didn't see that coming!". You have alluded to Bobby Heenan and Hulk Hogan tipping you off to something being up with David before the match. I am curious to know what was happening in the locker room afterwards. Did any of the "top brass"
come down on you for anything that happened?

Email Sep. 12, 2019

Amy W

Dear Mr. Shaw - My brothers and I used to love watching you wrestle. The perpetual underdog - we were always pulling for you! Glad to see you are doing well. Thanks for your craft/skill in the wrestling and entertainment industry.