July 6, 2021 Tuesday eve I was the guest on Dan & Benny In The Ring Show as we talked about pro wrestling.  Check out past shows, they are also on facebook.   Can be heard in replay on the same site. https://danandbenny.podbean.com

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Rusty BrookesPremiership Player

Ah Noddy, you're bringing a tear to my eye. My username is sourced from one of the greatest jobbers of all (Rusty Brooks). I loved them - AJ Petruzzi, Gino Carabello, Ricky Ataki, the Gladiator, Burt Styles (greatest name ever), Mike Saxon, Rene Goulet. I was co-president of the Ron Shaw Fan Club at my school - we wrote his name on our school bags, art smocks, there was even Ron Shaw graffiti. And rather than sneaking out to the loungeroom, I used to sneak the spare portable black and white TV into my room.

Rusty Brookes
Rusty BrookesPremiership Player

That's awesome Rusty,thanks for your support.