Response to Wrestling Fans Internet Inquiries about myself






Its been 15 years since my last pro wrestling match.  I retired in Jan. 2000, finished out my last 4 years in Puerto Rico and some other independent promotions.  And my biggest years being with the WWF starting in 1980 thru the early 90's.  Most fans do not know that I was trained by Killer Kowalski (see NBC sports video Hulksters and Heros) .

 I was the second WWF wrestler to be full time after  John Studd who Kowalski trained to be Executioner #2.  I told Kowalski I wanted to go right to the WWF  so he called Gorrilla Monsoon and I started doing TV, fortunately I was bigger than most wrestlers where they started to call me Big Ron Shaw.   I started getting bookings in big house shows like Cap Center in Washigton DC, Philadelphia Spectrum and Madison Square Garden, thats when you know you made the big time.  I got booked in MSG 3 to 4 times a year where other preliminary wrestlers never saw MSG.

 Vince McMahon Sr & Jr. gave me several opportunites some I did not take and some I took, like putting the mask on and making me the  Executioner where I wrestled mid card matches.  In later years I wrestled for a big independent promotion the NWF as the tag team champions The Masked Executioners with my partner AJ Petrucci.

  As wrestling started to go into a different direction more story lines I have not watched it or followed it since my retirement.  It was this pass summer 2014 that I had rotator cuff surgery that I really searched the internet and saw alot of my matches and the many posts from fans most being positive and supportive and wondering what I look like and if I was even alive.  With all the tradegies in the last 10 years with the loss of many wrestlers, many of whom I have wrestled and traveled with some being good friends of mine,  so I chose to do this blog.

 I moved to Fort Myers Florida in 1999 from Philadelphia, I took off about 45lbs, still work out 4 days a week (see pics).  I live in a gated golf community , I play golf 4 times a week.  I played in high school, got my letter how I love this game, my handicap has been as low as 6.7 (any golfers out there).  I love playing guitar and shooting pool at home.

 I wrestled the biggest names Andre the Giant, Bobo Brazil, Dusty Rhodes, Mil Mascaras, The Valiant Bros, former WWF champions Pedro Morales, Bob Backlund and Hulk Hogan when he first came to the WWF, but never had a chance to wrestle The Living Legend Bruno Sammartino which would have been the highlight of my career, however I did have the pleasure of being interviewed by Bruno at a TV taping in Allentown PA at Dorney Park's Castle Gardens.    And a man whom I have met but never wrestled Nature Boy Ric Flair.  When I was doing house shows for Jim Crockett promotions, I was wrestling at the Baltimore Civic Center and Ric introduced himself to me and welcomed me, another great wrestler in our business.

And yes we all remember the David Sammartino match which is still talked about today and is considered one of the biggest upsets in Pro Wrestling History as posted by wrestling news articles and magazines (SEE THE BIG UPSET VIDEO)   Ron Shaw defeats David Sammartino November 22, 1985 Philadelphia, PA – I remember watching this as a kid and thinking, “WTF!” Ron Shaw was a perennial WWE jobber who was not given a push or big win ever up to this point. David had begun to flounder a bit but was still a name on the card due to his last name and push. The biggest surprise to me when this match started was seeing David Sammartino so early on the card. Shaw eventually won the match when David gave up to a bear hug, one of his father’s signature moves and that was no coincidence. What fans like me didn’t know is that Bruno Sammartino and Vince McMahon were at great odds behind the scenes and this was done as a big f-you to Bruno. For my money this may be the biggest upset in WWE history, at least the biggest I ever saw. Some have called this the phantom submission match but watching it again on YouTube nothing seemed strange about the result in regards to a screw job. (end of article).

I also had some other big wins against names like Iron Mike Sharpe in Pittsburgh at the Civic Areana, and Rene Goulet in Toronto's Maple Leaf Garden, Chief Jay Strongbow in Long Island New York and many other preliminary wrestlers throughout my tenure in the WWF.  And I have met many celebrities some of my favorites Andy Kauffman (TV show Taxi), Cindi Lauper (Girls Just Wanna Have Fun) See Cindi in my freebirds six-man tag match in Phila. and a great rhythm and blues singer and former member of Elvis Presley Band RJ Colton who managed me in an upstate PA wrestling promotion.  I was doing a gimmick as the coal miner.  We appeared on a TV show which I have in my large collection of videos not seen on You-tube, and a sports story that went nation wide on wrestling that I was in along with an interview with Connie Chung (Maury Povich wife) which we did at my wrestling school in Phila., back in the mid 90's.

I will remember Pro Wrestling of the 60's thru the 90's the greats like Killer Kowalski, Bruno Sammartino and Hulk Hogan, these are the wreslters that would get so much heat from the fans that they caused riots watch a match on you-tube between Kowalski and Sammartino and watch the crowds reaction.  Today the fans watch well rehersed high flying maneuvers and more story lines than a soap opera, however you can not argue with the great success that Vince McMahon continues to do with the WWE.

 I will gradually post some rare wrestling matches of mine including one of the many 20 man battle royals from Madison Sqare Garden, and some rare posters and programs and news articles of wrestling matches from some of the biggest venues in the country including my 3 week tour in the Phillipines.  Ron